Die Flockenleserin ist auf Hawaii angekommen

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Erste Rezension aus dem 50. Bundesstaat der USA

"Terminal" – die englische Übersetzung von "Die Flockenleserin" – ist nun schon seit zwei Monaten auf den weltweiten Amazon-Plattformen erhältlich.

Aus Hawaii kam nun eine tolle Rezension von der Universitätsprofessorin Ronaele Whittington ("University of Manoa"):

Manual for understanding death in a hospice setting

Besides the fascinating novel about murder, much of the content could be used as a manual for understanding death and dying in a hospice setting. Powetz describes a number of terminal, medical conditions impacting different age groups in a variety of socio-economic, psycho-sexual, and family constellations. Most of the information emerges via dialogue between and among residents, their families, professional and caregiving staff. The story line taking place in Germany enhances exploration of hospice care in Europe and North America. Powetz explores some religious and spiritual frameworks for understanding death and after life. A reader may need to insert his/her personal beliefs to broaden this dimension.








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